Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bonjour! New French Finds & Inspirations

We've just returned from our trip to Paris and although we're feeling a bit jet lagged, we have renewed our souls (and stomachs) with a taste of the French lifestyle that is so incredibly appealing. This photo of the Eiffel Tower was taken the night before we returned as it sparkled at dusk. Just a quick note that shipments are on their way and listings will follow. We will share more photos of our tour of the best flea markets of Paris, too.

Monday, January 14, 2008

LB French Vintage Bellybutton Bears

Introducing our new line of hand assembled Bellybutton teddy bears lovingly created using vintage and antique french textiles and buttons . These memory teddy bears are inspired by textiles from France. These two bears are assembled with an antique quilt and vintage quilted bedding. View our vintage French bellybutton bears on our website.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Story of Antique French Textiles

In order to have an appreciation for vintage and antique French textiles, it is important to know their significance in French history itself. The French love and lust for textiles has carried them through religious persecution (of Protestants who were active in textile design and production), violence, bans, and industrial espionage. Not even the French Revolution and the loss of many aristocratic clients could halt the demand for luxury goods that resurfaced with Napoleon I, the Restoration of the Bourbon dynasty, and the Second Empire under Napoleon III.
There is no substitute to understanding why the French appreciate their textiles other than to see, touch and feel them yourself. French textiles have always been important elements to the world of interior decoration. More than a staple that is almost always incorporated into any good design, French textiles adds a touch of history, uniqueness and character to our decor.
In decorating, there must be elements of the present and past to make it interesting. Whether it is adding a Provencal coverlet, a band of fabric on drapery, or a length of period matelasse toile made into a throw pillow - a few selected elements makes the room warm, inviting and interesting. An antique tapestry pillow with exquisite trim does wonders for a brand new sofa. The old textiles add a note of quality, luxury, and history that enhances the value of the other objects there.
It is the superior detailed designs of the older fabrics, their creativity and originality, and the skills needed to product them with labor-intensive techniques that can't be reproduced to that gives them their value and longevity. Fine antique passementerie (trimming) was made by yhand using old methods. This is what is fundamental to Le Bourdon Home & Garden.
Although there are few of us that take the time to find and restore these fabrics, there are even fewer of us that are experienced enough to work with them in creating stunning accessories for your home that continue to endure the test of time. We are inspired to provide new life to these old fabrics!