Saturday, March 1, 2008

Winter Doldrums ~ Mourning Curiosities

The winter doldrums are upon us and we are longing for the breezes of summer. We look for anything starting to think about coming up from the ground for a sign of Spring. Although the winter months of hibernation are good for the soul, mourning can be healthy too. When we take time to mourn, we can stop and appreciate what has gone past us and appreciate what is upon us.

I find that the winter months are essential to take notice of our interior space. Once the spring and summer months are here, we focus our creative efforts on what is outside. This is why I am providing a little sale to help to inspire some nostalgic embellishments and put you in the mood!

Hurry! The Winter Doldrums Storewide Sale lasts only 1 week!
This offer is valid until 11.59pm ET on Sunday 19th March
2008 and is not valid in conjunction with any other Le
Bourdon or Internet offer. Le Bourdon sale items are
excluded from this offer. This offer can be used only once.

Here are some French torchons assembled with textiles from our recent trip to Paris.

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