Monday, October 1, 2007

French Embellishments - The Signature Scarf

"For centuries French kings and queens were jewelry junkies. They wore big outrageous crowns, chunky medallions, slinky bracelets, and jeweled earrings. No wonder the French girl instinctively knows how to accessorize.

These days, it's impossible to imagine the French girl - or boy, for that matter - without a trademark scarf - twisted, tied, folded, looped or thrown - ads a finishing touch to anything. It's sophisticated yet bohemian, simple yet luxurious." a quote from Entre Nous - A Guide to Finding Your Inner French Child

If my husband is lucky enough for me to take him to France for one of my buying trips, he gets a lesson on how to fit in (or not to stand out like a typical American man). Specifically, he leaves his sneakers home and replaces them with leather boots or loafers, he takes along casual blazers, vests and a scarf. More importantly, he learns how to tie the scarf and before you know it, he embraces the fact that not only does it look great, it's warm!

For me, I've always loved the versatility of a scarf not to mention that I'm always cold so a scarf is my best friend. This important accessory is not just an item you put around your neck but should have a deep personal meaning. It is an extension of yourself that can express how you're feeling. The versatility it brings to your wardrobe depending upon how it is worn can transform you from a day to evening look with a different wrap!

Feel free to find your inner French girl and look different. The French girl is confident and aware of her unique style and she embraces can you!

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