Monday, October 29, 2007

Blooms & Scents for an Inspired French Decor ~ A Unique Gift Idea

For a rustic, highly designed or romantic living space, flowers are always essential in completing the decor and adding a warm and lovely touch. The trouble is, flowers are an ongoing expense and their peak blooming time is extremely limited. I set out to find flowers that have been preserved in their natural state that can last and provide that burst of color and texture that is so desired. I found such a shop in Paris and for more than 35 years, Rosemarie Schulz's flowers create stunning bouquets and scents for our spaces.

What sets her apart from anything you'll find anywhere is that these flowers not only look like they are fresh but they also have the texture of living plants without stiffness. Her arrangements are exceptionally beautiful and because these are almost still living, they have maintained their scent.
Anything from her line would make a gift that can can keep giving for several years. The versatility of these bouquets is endless but if you simply want to lay a bouquet or sachet on a side table, that can be enough of a statement on their own.

Le Bourdon is the sole distributor of her products in the US. View our complete line from Rosemarie Schulz.

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