Monday, November 19, 2007

French Vintage Pillows ~ My Passion

There is nothing more rewarding for me than to find that worn and tattered vintage textile in France and to bring it back to life and create something beautiful with it. This is what enlivens my soul and even makes "green" sense. These textiles have been enjoyed and used generously because the French truly appreciate and admire the beauty in their surroundings.
I have spent some time listing some of our large collection of these textile creations where we've lovingly restored and repurposed everything from the smallest remnant of lace to create accessories that bring character and purpose to our interiors.
The cushion sizes you'll find are distinctive in their shape and often reflect the larger sizes that the French often use either as floor pillows or on their settees. We haven't forgotten man's best friends either. Fifi can also enjoy his/her French inspired pillows!
Our collection has taken many years to assemble. All of these cushions are assembled by hand and will continue to wear and show their age gracefully. Nothing can add texture to a room more than a vintage textile.
Browse our vast selection of cushions:
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- Vintage Canine


Harry T. said...

I think they're beautiful! I'm inspired just looking at them. -Harry

Lana said...

OOOOH! I LOVE pillows Wendy! So glad I found your blog!

Wendy Troupe Designs said...

So am is very important to me that everyone who experiences these textiles loves them, too!

Emma said...

Hi these are gorgeous I go to france every summer and find these wonderful textiles. Please have a look at my sparkly moroccan wedding blankets i think you will love them