Friday, November 2, 2007

French Santons ~ C’est bientôt Noël!

Le Bourdon Home & Garden has searched for vintage French Santons, a time honored hand made figurine tradition in Provence, and will be offering them at our online storefront as they arrive from France. Not only are they beautifully crafted, each figurine represents traditional French people and their stories. Master Santon makers have been making these figures for generations and represent distinguished families such as Jouglas, Gelato, and Carbonel.

Vintage santons are hard to find in good condition but their value grows as they age. The strict guidelines that govern an authentic santon of Provence is adhered to by several highly decorated Santon makers. Likewise, as pictured, this dressed and hand-painted santon, signed "S.Jouglas" which represents Simone Jouglas, who was the first santon maker to dress the figures and who is now deceased.
Each Santon is individually hand-crafted and is unique unto itself. No two Santons will ever be alike.


Anonymous said...

I was given a figurine of an old woman carrying an umbrella and dead white chicken. The dress is quilted, plaid apron, felt hat over white lace cap. The bottom of the clay stand is signed Jouglas. I have been researching this figurine and happy to find your information. reply to

Patricia said...

I was given a Santon in 1986 by my host family in Avignon. It is a woman who is an olive seller and she is wearing cloth hand-sewn clothes and her face and hands are made of clay. She has incredible detail in her face. The name on the bottom of this Santon is S. Peirano and there is also a sticker on the underside of the base that is handwritten that sayssomething like,
"Luinazone". or it could be "Luirazone". Does anyone out there know if this is from a distinguished Santon making family or not? I'm very curious.